How to get rid of the annoying update message?

Everyone of us has seen – and after a while been annoyed by – this Shopware 6 update message:

Even worse, what if someone – by intend or accidentally – pulls the trigger?

This is how to easily get rid of it:

In your Shopware root directory go the folder config/packages. In this folder, all files ending with either .yml or .yaml will be interpreted as configuration files. Open an existing one (a good choice would be shopware.yml or local.yml). If there is no existing yml file, create a new one – I suggest to call it shopware.yml. The directory tree of your Shopware root folder now should look like this:

Should there be an existing file, look inside for an existing section shopware. Append or create it like this:

Save the file – that’s it, the update pop-up should be gone. There is an important thing to note: since it is a yml-file, indentation as shown is important.

BTW, this is one of the first configurations for any new shop I set up, just to avoid someone accidentally doing an update. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not telling you not to do updates, but rather to do them right:

  1. thoroughly test the update on a staging system
  2. backup database, files and sources (if you are not on repository based deployment)
  3. update using the CLI update script (or whatever your deployment procedures require)

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