How to get rid of the annoying update popup in Shopware 5

If you are Shopware 5 user or admin, you most certainly have seen this update message once in a while:

For most admins, this is just annoying – how often in your life have you clicked that „Close“ button? Even worse: what if someone thinks it’s a good idea to hit the „Start update“ button and not bother about doing a backup before?

Getting rid of this update popup with Shopware 5 is pretty easy: just uninstall the Shopware Update plugin that comes by default with your installation. Uninstalling the plugin doesn’t do any harm. Should want to do an update later via the backend, just reinstall and activate the plugin.

Uninstalling this plugin is one of the first things post installation – just to save my clients from this temptation.

By the way, if you have shell access to your server, I strongly recommend doing the update via the CLI. It turns out to be much more resilient than the browser based update.

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